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Firewire Custom Board Design
AVAILABLE IN Australia, Europe,
United States, United Kingdom, & Japan
Click here to see a list of available countries in Europe

Step 1: Create Account

Create your account. Click here to Create Account. Follow the basic prompts and create a user name and password. This will be necessary to create custom 3D board models and to access previously saved designs.

You can modify this info later by using "Edit Account" in the navigation.

Step 2: Edit Account

Edit your account. Click here to Edit Account or alternatively in the navigation, click on "Edit Account" to edit your profile details, such as email address, password etc. If you edit your region, you'll then be able to edit your dealer.

Step 3: Customize Your Board

Once you have created your account, you’ll be directed to the Custom Board Design page below.

Or you can click here to Get Started.

The idea is to experiment with your custom choices with the pull down menus and sliders and visualize the results in the 3 views displayed. This will be in ‘real time’. When you are stoked with your choices, you will then create the 3D model of your custom board. This 3D CAD Model update happens live over the web, but will require some wait time. (See more information on this under Step 9).

Step 4: Select a Board Series

Click on SELECT A BOARD SERIES and choose which Firewire Series you wish to customize. Different tail types (when available) will show as separate board series.

Selecting a Different Series will update views

Step 5: Select a Length

Click on SELECT A LENGTH. This should be the custom length you want.

Selecting a different length will update Views.

Step 6: Adjust Thickness, Width, Nose & Tail

To make custom changes to your specs, including changes to the THICKNESS, WIDE POINT, and NOSE AND TAIL WIDTHS, use the pulldown menus to the left of the outline to make your adjustments. You may want to refer back to Nev’s comments about design on the Custom Board Design INTRO page.

Please remember that we have limited the range of possible changes to protect the design integrity of a particular model. If you want to change the dims more than allowed, we suggest you start with a stock model closer to your desired custom dims.

Stock dimensions noted as a reminder under the dropdowns for thickness and main width.

Step 7: Show or Hide Stock Outline

Click on SHOW or HIDE to overlay the closest stock model outline (red line) over your custom design showing the differences between the two. You will also see the differences displayed in decimal inches with a conversion chart on the right of your screen.

Step 8: Fine Tune & Apply

Fine tune your board to your new specs by adjusting the pulldowns. The views will update automatically when you make any new choices. This may take a few seconds to load in all the data, so please be patient.

If you’d like to change the length and/or the choice of model, merely start the process again, doing so will reset the Views.

Step 9: Update 3D Model

After making your choices and you are satisfied with the 3 views, you now can update the 3D Model by clicking on that big button APPLY SPECS TO 3D MODEL.

The CAD model takes several seconds to update and to generate a 3D PDF. This will bring you to a new page with your YOUR BOARD SPECS and with instructions on how to get your 3D PDF. You can also click on My Boards in the navigation to view a list of the boards you have created.

Your design will be automatically saved in the system and you can revisit it at any time. The system will save up to 5 custom designs per user.

If you're over your 5 board limit the system will take you to the My Boards page. If you remove a board, the system will save the one you just created.

If you end up with a board that has all 0's for specs, use the REMOVE BOARD button to delete it.

Step 10: My Boards Page

Click here to visit My Boards. This is a list of your saved boards AND your purchased boards

Your latest board will be at the top of the list

You will see different status 'notices' on the right of each board, date created on the left, and board specs in the middle

  • If you see a queue position, your board is waiting to be updated
  • If you see 'Download 3D PDF' then your board is ready for viewing ... click here to download

Page will refresh every several seconds to update status. (You can also use your browser's refresh/reload button to update the status.)

Since the list is limited to 5 boards, you can use the REMOVE BOARD button to remove boards you no longer care about and make room for new boards

Click on the "Buy This Board" button to purchase your Custom Board. Woohoo!

Purchased boards will always stay on the list and are not included in the limit of 5 'working' boards.

If a board has 0's for dimensions, you never hit the button 'Apply Specs to Update Views' before hitting the button 'Apply Specs to 3D Model'

Step 11: View 3D PDF

NOTE: Adobe Reader 9.0 (or higher) is required to read the 3D PDF. Earlier versions will not work properly.

Clicking on the "Download 3D PDF" from the "My Boards" page will download your 3D PDF to your computer.

Click here to read about 'Viewing PDFs in a web browser'

The 3D PDF will display in your browser or in your Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can view standard 3D views, as well as rotate to any orientation you choose. This document also contains your Custom Board specs, including the new VOLUME of your custom design as well as your customer information. You can download the 3D PDF document to your computer. After clicking APPLY YOUR SPECS TO THE 3D MODEL you will be notified of a wait time. During periods of heavy use, it may take a few minutes to generate the 3D PDF. In those situations, you may choose to leave the site and wait for an automatic email notification. With many users at certain times of the day, the wait time will increase.

The 3D PDF, in addition to the 3D model, displays your board specs and the adjustments you made on the Customize Board page.

If you're viewing the 3D PDF in a browser, simply use the browser back button to return to the MY BOARDS PAGE.

The graphics area is 3D.

Main options

  • Prev and Next buttons step through the 6 saved views
  • Rotate your board into any orientation holding down your left mouse button and dragging
  • Zoom with mouse scroll wheel
  • After zooming or scrolling, hitting Prev or Next will resize and display a standard view

Compare Mode

  • There are two boards in the 3D PDF, your custom board and the base model you started with
  • Either board may be the larger one so there are two Compare Modes
  • (The base model is a different color and has no logos)
  • In Compare Mode 1, the base model is solid and the custom board is transparent
  • In Compare Mode 2, the custom board is solid and the base model is transparent
  • If the changes you have made are small, such as 1/8", you may have to zoom in to see changes
  • If you see a camouflage effect, both board surfaces are basically right on top of each other
  • Best views to see differences when comparing boards are Template and Rocker - may need to zoom in to see difference

More display options

  • Right click in the 3D graphic area to see many display options
  • Full Screen Multimedia will expand the graphics area to your entire screen
  • To escape Full Screen Multimedia mode, hit the escape key on your keyboard
  • or right click and select End Full Screen Multimedia

Viewing options

  • Lighting Schemes - several options, the Night Lights option is cool
  • Try playing around with the various lighting schemes


  • Can select specific saved views (these are the same views as views Prev and Next buttons display)


  • Expanding the window that is displaying your 3D PDF will make everything bigger (using the the standard Maximize icon in the upper right of window)
  • If you see a 'bounding box' displayed around board, you double clicked on the board geometry... double click away from the board to turn it off

Step 12: Order

A $200 deposit will get your board started, you pay the remainder when the board ships.

On the "My Boards" page, click on the "Buy This Board" Button

Now you need to choose some particulars:

  • Which Fin inserts type you want, FCS or Futures
  • Which Technology you want ... right now only FST or Rapidfire are available
  • Select Shipping ... to a Dealer (you selected a dealer when you first registered, to change your dealer, go to "Edit Profile" in the navigation and then change your location)
  • Or Select Shipping to your home address, this will add $75 to the cost

After you click submit, you will be taken to a summary page

Click on submit again to confirm your order and you will be taken to our ecommerce application, Foxycart.

Here you can click on checkout and enter in your standard billing/shipping information

When you are done on the FoxyCart site, make sure you click on the "continue" button ... this will send information back to the Firewire site.

Step 13: Shipping

It will take 10 - 12 weeks for your board to be created and shipped.

Step 14: Countries

These are the countries where CBD is available for purchase. We are expanding this over time.

  • Australia
  • Europe
    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • France
    • Germany
    • Greece
    • Ireland
    • Italy
    • Latvia
    • Luxembourg
    • Netherlands
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Spain & Canary Islands
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom
  • United States